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Branding and customization

Select Branding from the Project menu of Woodford to display or edit information about the application and its manufacturer. Additional parameters can be viewed in the About section of Woodford.

  • Manufacturer – This will be displayed in the About section of the app.
  • Title – This will be used as the name of the application and its title on the main screen.
  • Subtitle
  • Icon – Allows you to add a custom icon, for example, the logo of your company to the home screen.
  1. Select Images from the Project menu and click Add.
  2. Set Directory to Home. As Name, enter Image (exactly). Set Platform to Common Images. Set DPI appropriately (use XHDPI for retina displays). Click the placeholder to browse for an image, then click Add.
  3. Optionally, find the image in the list, enable other platforms and add other versions of the image, then click Save.
  • Website – This will be displayed in the About section of the app.
  • Support Email – You can enter your company’s support email address if you want to take care of the first level support on your own. In this case, the logs from the application will be sent to the specified email.