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Warning This page describes a function that has not yet been publicly released, or has been released in beta / preview quality. Subject to change.
Resco cloud landing page with capsules.png

Woodford and other Resco designer tools support the concept of importing and exporting portions of the designed solutions. For example, it is possible to transfer questionnaires, individual forms and views, or even entire app projects, and much more. However, sometimes a particular solution requires different components, for example, minor metadata update that adds a field, a few questionnaires and reports, etc. Exporting and importing these one by one can be tiresome and it's easy to forget a vital step.

For these cases, you can now design capsules, fill them with various Resco components, and easily deploy them to different organizations.

This functionality is available in preview quality for Resco Cloud backends.

What's in a capsule

The following building blocks can be transferred:

  • App projects
  • Questionnaires (only versioned)
  • Reports
  • Metadata (entities and fields)

Using capsules

You can try these functions from the Resco Cloud landing page.

  • Use Designer to create new capsules from the source organization.
  • Use Manager to upload and install capsules to a destination organization.

To design a new capsule, first enter a few general information about the capsule, such as name and description, then select which building blocks to include. Save and publish (download) the capsule.

Adding content to capsules.png

To install a capsule in a different organization, import the published capsule file, review its content, and then install it.

Install a capsule.png