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Resco mobile apps can integrate with a third-party electronic signature provider DocuSign to create legally binding signatures directly in the app. This function is available from forms (if the record has an attachment that can be signed) or from mobile reports (including reports generated after an inspection).

Create a DocuSign account

You need a DocuSign account before you can start signing documents in Resco. DocuSign offers a free trial.

Configure DocuSign in Woodford

  1. Edit an app project in Woodford.
  2. Select Configuration from the Project menu.
  3. Switch to the Integrations tab, then scroll down to DocuSign
    • Enable DocuSign: Set to true to display the DocuSign Connect option in the app’s Setup section.
    • Use DocuSign sandbox: Use a sandbox environment when connecting to DocuSign services. Using this mode leaves a watermark on your documents.
    • Docusign Integrator Key: DocuSign Integrator (API) Key, created in DocuSign Admin console.
    • Docusign Secret Key: DocuSign Secret Key, generated under Integrator Key settings.
  4. Save all changes and publish the project.

Connect to DocuSign in the app

App users have to connect to DocuSign to start signing documents.

  • Tap Setup or Settings on the home screen.
  • Scroll down to Account > DocuSign, tap Connect, and log in to your DocuSign account using your email address and password.

Signing PDF documents

You can sign any PDF document that is available as an attachment in the app.

  • Open any PDF file attached to any entity record
  • Select the eSignature command from the hamburger menu.
  • Fill in the details of the signer. Optionally, tap the + button to add more signers.
  • Tap the Sign command in the top right corner to initiate the signing via DocuSign.
  • Drag and drop your signer’s signature into the document, then tap Finish.

After successfully signing, you will be redirected back to the application. The newly added signature(s) is now a part of the PDF file.

Configuring report templates

When signing a random PDF, each signer can position the signature to a random location on the page. With mobile reports, you can add signature fields to report templates to determine their location on a page.

To add a new signature field:

  • Edit a report template in the Report Designer.
  • Click Add Signature. The signature field can be placed wherever you need it: in the header, grid, or footer.
  • As Label, use the word "Signature" and a number (e.g. "Signature1").

You can place more than one signature field on a report. Each of these fields indicates the order of report signers. For example, if 2 signature fields for 2 signers are defined, their names must be Signature1 and Signature2. With two signature fields with correct names available on the report, the application will automatically enable the flow for two signers.

Multiple signature fields with the same name can be also defined in the mobile report. In that case, all are assigned to the same signer. This is useful when a signer needs to sign the document in multiple places.

Signing reports

Reports are signed just like any other documents. When you start the eSignature command, the default number of signers equal to the number of Signature fields defined in the report template.

The app tries to pre-fill signer fields automatically:

  • The app searches for entity fields containing the word "Signer". If found, these are assigned to signature fields (alphabetically sorted).
  • If no such fields are found, the possible signers are the people who were the last to modify, own, or create the record.

You can also change the pre-filled signers if needed, remove them, or even add more signers, just like in any PDF document.

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