Duplicate detection

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The purpose of duplicate detection is to discover duplicate records, such as:

  • Accounts using the same name
  • Contacts using the same email address

You can configure the behavior in Woodford. Edit an app project and select Configuration from the Project menu. Then scroll down to the parameter Duplicate Detection that controls whether to use duplicate detection when creating a new record.

Duplicate detection rules are to be set on the CRM server (for more info, go to Microsoft PowerApps documentation). Mobile CRM application does not create any rules on its own; it may be directed to make use of the CRM server rules.

If you do so, then whenever an entity record is saved, this record is compared against the existing records to find the possible duplicates. If there are any, Mobile CRM application displays a warning and users get a chance to edit the data.

Duplicates are not detected.
If MobileCRM is in offline mode: The local database is checked for duplicates by using the local rules. (Duplicate detection is stored in system entities duplicaterule and duplicaterulecondition. These entities physically contain the duplicate detection rules. They are originally stored on the server (server rules), but once enabled, the synchronization will copy the rules to the local database thus creating the local rules.)
If MobileCRM is in the online mode: The server database is checked for duplicates by using the server rules.
Even if the Mobile CRM app is set to offline mode, the server database is used when looking for duplicates.
Note Make sure that the Sync Filter does not exclude rules that are needed for the duplicate detection. Also, do not disable these entities in Woodford.