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Integration with third-party systems

Resco CRM Connector (web APIs):

Resco Mobile CRM can serve as a full-featured email client.

Supported services

App user interface


Woodford configuration

Several options in configuration are related to email. See Configuration for more information.

Email attachments

  1. Enable the E-mail Attachment entity if you want to add attachments to your emails.
    • The entity must be enabled on your CRM server.
    • Additionally, the entity must be available in the Resco Mobile CRM app. See Managing entities for instructions.
  2. Add E-mail Attachments List to the form of the E-mail entity.

In Resco Mobile CRM app, users must first save the E-mail activity in order to add attachments.

Tracked emails (Dynamics)

Dynamics CRM and Outlook have the feature to save email communication related to a particular entity record (for example a customer). The messages are marked as related to the customer and your colleagues (if their permissions allow it) can see them.

Resco Mobile CRM can also be configured to use email tracking. Every time you send an email from the app, the email is automatically linked to the record you have used. So, for example, if you’re sending an email to a contact, the email will be tracked to this particular contact (the ‘set regarding’ is so automatically filled in). The same goes to opportunities, accounts, service cases… The regarding field can be, if needed, changed manually or you can set a rule that will change it, e.g. replace contact by its parent account.

When you are sending email from Resco Mobile CRM app, it’s like you are sending emails directly from Dynamics CRM server. You are, in fact, creating email activities. You need email router or exchange server to actually send these emails (or to use Outlook with CRM plugin).

This feature is configured in two spots:

  • Enable Use CRM Email parameter in the app setup.
  • Enable Use CRM Email parameter in Woodford configuration.

Resco Mobile CRM can also track incoming emails thanks to its integration with Exchange and Gmail.

See also: Send tracked emails from Resco’s mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog

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