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This article is about the management of Resco CRM server entities in Woodford. For general information about entities, see Entity.

Administrators can use Woodford to modify the data model on your Resco CRM server, manage entities and their fields. Select Entities from the Administration menu of Woodford to display the complete list of entities for your organization on Resco CRM server.

  • These settings are also available in the Admin Console.
  • To configure the availability of entities within a particular app project, see App projects instead.

Toolbar functions

The following functions are available when you are working with entities' or fields' list.

Create New
  • If you are on the entity list, this creates a new entity from scratch. You can create a regular entity, an activity entity, or a many-to-many entity.
  • If you are on the entity detail, this creates a new field. You can select the field type.
  • For an entity, this displays the properties and fields of the selected entity. You can then modify the properties, and add, change, and delete fields.
  • For a field, this displays the properties of the field. You can then modify the properties.
Permanently removes the selected field or entity from the data model. All data stored in the field or entity will be gone. Delete is not possible if the field or entity is used or referenced in any project of the organization.
Show System
Shows or hides system entities or system fields.

Entity properties

Select an entity from the list and click Manage to display its properties:

  • Logical name - cannot be changed
  • Display name
  • Display name plural
  • Description
  • Ownership type
  • Is activity
  • Has activities
  • Has notes
  • Audit - Check to enable auditing for the entity.

Click Save or Save & Close to save your changes.

Field properties

Select a field from the list and click Manage to display its properties:

  • Logical name - cannot be changed
  • Display name
  • Type
  • Allowed permissions: Read / Create / Update
  • Required
  • Description

Depending on the type, a field may have additional properties, such as length (of a string) or the number of decimal places (for a number).

Click Save to save your changes.