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Resco Mobile CRM supports and can display many common document formats. However, the exact specifics depend on your device and your platform. The general rule is: If you are able to open certain file type on your device, you can do so also from the app.

Viewing documents

File types that can be viewed directly in the app (In-app preview is usually realized in web control):

  • All platforms: PDF, SVG, HTML, text files, basic image files (jpg/jpeg/jpe/jfif/png/bmp)
  • Windows Store: common media formats (mp4/mp3/m4a/wma/wmv/waw), additional image formats (gif/tiff/tif)
  • Windows Desktop: gif files
  • Android: gif files, media files (mp3/m4a/amr/aac/mid/xmf/mxmf/rtttl/rtx/ota/imy/ogg/wav/mp4/3gp/webm)
  • iOS: documents (doc/docx/rtf/ppt/pptx/xls/xlsx/htm/html/xhtml), audio (aac/m4a/mp3), video (mp4/mov/mpv/3gp)

File types not listed above require an external viewer.

Editing documents

Document editing is supported partially – on Android and Windows Desktop platforms. iOS and Windows Store versions do not support document editing.