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Location Monitor in action

The Location Monitor is a tool for managers and an important part of Resco Routes. It provides an efficient way to keep track of the field team’s current location in real time. It also offers insights into the past and predicts the location of each team member and their assignments.

Key features:

  • Web-based tool utilizing the map view to display real-time location and routes of field teams
  • Time Shift – enables to see also the staff’s past location, as well as upcoming routes based on their schedule
  • Drill down to individual team members to see in detail how and where they worked

Location Monitor is available with the following backend servers:

To enable and configure Location Monitor, see Location tracking.

Dynamics security requirements

Users of Location Monitor need permission to read the following entities:

  • Visit entity (e.g. Appointment, Bookable Resource Booking) for all users (or more precisely for all users from Visit entity view specified in Woodford's location tracking setup)
  • User entity for all those users
  • resco_mobileaudit entity owned by those users

Add these permissions to your designated security role, or create a new one. In case of Field Service scenario, some related entities are also required.

Location Monitor doesn't create any data, but it saves user preferences to resco_usersettings entity. This should be also permitted (read/write user-owned records).

Starting the monitor

Administrators and managers can view the gathered location data for each user on a map.

  1. Log in to your CRM server.
  2. Start the application:
    • On Resco CRM server, select Location Monitor from the management console.
    • On Dynamics, select Settings > Location tracking.

Using the monitor

  • To observe changes in real time, enable Live View.
  • To see past locations or planned appointments, modify the date and time. Live View must be disabled.
  • Use the search bar for quick filtering of resources.
  • Click any icon on the map to display details about appointments or users.
  • Click on any user in the right pane to zoom in to that user's route and display details about their track and planned visits.