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Welcome to wiki, the primary source of documentation for Resco products.

Visit the Table of contents for a listing of main categories and articles.

The platform

Resco Mobile CRM platform
Overview of the Resco Mobile CRM architecture, description of the core concepts.
Frequently asked questions
Answers to common questions and often used links.
Information about a core function with tips for optimizing performance.

Products and solutions

Resco Inspections
Design custom questionnaires, answer them online or offline, and analyze the results.
Resco Routes
Schedule and monitor your mobile workforce in the field.
Resco Mobile CRM
Access your CRM data anywhere, any time.
Resco CRM server
Store data in the cloud, serve as a standalone CRM or connect to other systems.
Customize all aspects of your mobile CRM applications.

Other resources

Blog Resco blog
Browse the mobile news, read about newly introduced features, delve into technical details.
Document Docs on Resco support site
Read our product guides and other docs.
Webinar Resco Youtube channel
Watch and listen to our webinars, introducing new releases or describing a particular function.