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You must obtain a license from Resco for each user of Resco Mobile CRM app who wants to synchronize with the server.

Select Mobile Users from the Administration menu of Woodford to manage users and licenses.

The screen is divided into two parts:

  • The Mobile Users pane displays a list of users defined in your organization.
  • The Subscriptions pane shows information about licenses.

When users log in to your CRM server from a mobile device, they may receive the Woodford customization depending on the Auto-assign licenses option in Woodford Settings. You can receive the Enabled or Pending states. Users can be added before they attempt to log in by using the ADD button. You can also Enable a disabled or a pending user, Disable the enabled or pending user or Delete a user.

License states
Enabled: Users with this license state are able to synchronize, access CRM by using Resco Mobile CRM application.
Disabled: Users with this license state cannot synchronize (receives error “LICENSE: NOT FOUND”).
Pending: User gets into pending state, when the Auto Assign licenses functionality in Woodford’s Setup is disabled, so licenses are assigned only manually. In this case, when a user synchronizes the Mobile CRM app for the first time (or previously used it, but was deleted from the Mobile Users), they get a temporary license, that’s valid for two weeks. During this time administrator can decide whether to assign a license to this user or not. After two weeks, when the temporary license expires, user receives an error “LICENSE: EXPIRED” and is no longer able to synchronize.

If you want to manage licenses manually and decide in advance who can synchronize using mobile CRM app and who cannot, you need to grant licenses and disable users in advance.

Note The Mobile Users section is not available during the trial period. During this period, the customizations can be used for as many users as desired.