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Warning This page describes a function that has not yet been publicly released, or has been released in beta / preview quality. Subject to change.

Release 14.2 is planned for September 2021.


Routes AI

  • Route plan configuration in Woodford now includes a new parameter Activity Name Field which allows you to define which field is displayed as the title of the record in the list and on the map.
    Edit route plan.png
  • Mobile users can now optimize their routes even if there's an incomplete fixed-time appointment (ongoing or past).


  • Group Expanding – Choose Single Group if you want to keep only a single question group expanded when answering questionnaires. All other groups are collapsed to better focus your attention.
  • Layout Type – Use List to display one question per row. Use Grid if you want to organize multiple questions in a row. See grid layout for more information.


Houston mobile user interface now looks nicer on larger devices in landscape mode, such as tablets.