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Warning This page describes a function that has not yet been publicly released, or has been released in beta / preview quality. Subject to change.

Release 14.2 is planned for September 2021.


Server-side business logic improvements

You can now reuse any existing job or workflow in your process. If you need to iterate through multiple records or just call multiple jobs from a single job, you can simply use the Server.Execute step:

Server execute.png

Job or workflow must be created already. If you would like to iterate through the same process, it must be saved first. The number of iterations is limited to 8192.

In addition to that, the documentation for Resco Cloud server-side business logic was greatly expanded in recent months. You can now read about

Routes AI

  • Route plan configuration in Woodford now includes a new parameter Activity Name Field which allows you to define which field is displayed as the title of the record in the list and on the map.
    Edit route plan.png
  • Mobile users can now optimize their routes even if there's an incomplete fixed-time appointment (ongoing or past).


Collapsible question groups

Question groups in your questionnaires can now collapse when answering questionnaires. Only a single question group remains expanded to reduce scrolling and focus the attention of the mobile user on the current job. This behavior is configured on the Properties pane: select the top-level element of the template and modify the value Group Expanding.

Grid layout for questions

Questionnaire reports have already supported grid layout for questions, i.e., multiple questions could be arranged in a row. With this release, we're introducing a grid layout when answering questionnaires. This behavior is configured on the Properties pane: select the top-level element of the template and set Layout Type to Grid. See grid layout for more information.

Multiple images question

The Image question has been renamed to Image/Media. Fortunately, this is not the only change; this question type now offers additional functions:

  • You can now answer it with multiple images or files.
  • In the case of images, you can configure maximum width and/or height.
  • You can set maximum file size (larger files are rejected).
  • Multiple images or files are also displayed on reports or in the Results Viewer.


Houston mobile user interface now looks nicer on larger devices in landscape mode, such as tablets.