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Warning This page describes a function that has not yet been publicly released, or has been released in beta / preview quality. Subject to change.

The Spring 2020 update (v13.0.0) is planned for April 2020.

Resco Inspections

Smart questions

Users of Questionnaire Designer can configure simple business logic directly from the questions, instead of having to use more technical Rules editor for the most common rules. For questions, you can control whether they are visible, editable, and required. For groups, you can control whether they are visible and expanded.

Spring 2020 smart rules.png

Spring 2020 smart rules use.png

Smart default values

Instead of writing a complicated OnLoad rule to add default values to the questionnaire, it is now possible to set the default in the question editor. The default value can be a constant, or in a few most common scenarios a field whose value is fetched for you.

Spring 2020 smart default.png

Smart styles

In the case of numeric questions and option sets, you can now simply add a specific style to the values that are answered.


Questionnaire icon

Make the template stand out in the Questionnaire Designer, as well as in the application, by adding a custom icon to the template.

Spring 2020 questionnaire icon.png

Spring 2020 questionnaire icon in app.png

A new static question type has been added where the user can add a logo on top of the questionnaire template. This logo is automatically reused in the Automatic Report as a header.

Spring 2020 questionnaire logo.png

New design

New, sleeker, and more intuitive design of all question types in the Questionnaire Designer.

Schedule Board: Assign templates, new map view

You can now use the Schedule Board to assign a questionnaire template to a specific user when scheduling an appointment. Edit a task and switch to the new Inspections tab.

Spring 2020 inspections tab.png

The Schedule Board now has a new map view where you can see all the scheduled appointments on the map.

Reuse answers

You can now use fetch variable Template:Regarding to access (related) entity of activity, if the activity is regarding record of questionnaire in the Reuse answers filter. For example, this can mean that you can reuse previous answers from a specific Account, or a specific Asset, even if opened through Appointment. See Reuse questionnaire answers from related records.

Optimized data storage

Mobile reports and Results Viewer now support questionnaires answered and stored in JSON and compressed JSON formats.


Smartwatch integration

This release brings several small usability updates:

  • The possibility to edit previously answered questions: It is now possible to go back in the questionnaire on the smartwatch and edit an already answered question.
    Spring 2020 smartwatch go back.png