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The Spring 2020 update (v13.1.0) was released on June 11, 2020.


Questionnaire scoring

You can now easily assign a score to the questions and answers in your questionnaire template and define the result of the questionnaire based on an overall score. Afterward, use the fields to filter in the Results Viewer.

Track questionnaire completion time

The time spent working on a questionnaire is tracked automatically in the Duration field. You can now also filter questionnaires by duration in the Results Viewer.

Edit options in questionnaire picklists

You can now define the options in any of the picklist questions in the Questionnaire Designer.

Define picklist options.png

Library of sample templates

The Questionnaire Designer now comes with a library of sample questionnaire templates for various industry verticals that are ready to go.

Configure view for lookup questions

The lookup questions allow the inspector to select a record from the database, for example, a particular contact. Originally, it has been possible to create a lookup view in Woodford, defining which fields should be visible in the lookup window. You can now create such views directly in the Questionnaire Designer.

Lookup view.png

Reuse smart questions logic

You can now copy the business logic definition from another smart question, using the Copy From button.

Smart question reuse.png

Validate on save

Properties pane of a questionnaire.png

Until now, you could only validate questionnaires on completion. To avoid any late surprises, you can now enable validation on each save. See the Validate On parameter on the Properties pane.

Copy static images

Also on the Properties pane, you can now decide whether to Copy static images or not. Clear this option to avoid excessive consumption of storage space on the server. The images won’t be duplicated when creating an instance of a questionnaire from the template.

Technical name

All questionnaires now have a technical name generated – originally it applied only for versioned templates.

Faster rules

Switch to the latest version of rules to benefit from an improved performance of On Change rules. This option is available on the Properties pane of questionnaires in the designer.

Resco Inspections on Resco Cloud web app

The UX/UI for the backend view has been changed and substituted by the Resco web application.

Resco inspections resco cloud.png


Houston: AR remote assistance video calls (beta)

Resco remote assistance Houston is a video call functionality that connects a user, usually an on-site technician or a customer, with a remote expert. Call participants can draw augmented-reality (AR) instructions within the video scene to speed up the repair process, reduce site or machine down-time, or share the knowledge in the field.

With this release, the feature is available for iOS devices. If your device does not support ARKit (requires iOS 11+), you can still use it for video calls, but the recipient cannot draw into the video.


  • Process Control to guide users through a series of steps
  • simplified icons configuration with partial WYSIWYG
  • chart improvements - dynamic date grouping, multiple Group By clauses