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The Spring 2020 update (v13.1.0) was released on June 11, 2020.


  • Questionnaire Scoring
  • track Questionnaire Completion time
  • improved storage options for static images
  • rules performance optimization


Houston: AR remote assistance video calls

Resco remote assistance Houston is a video call functionality that connects a user, usually an on-site technician or a customer, with a remote expert. Call participants can draw augmented-reality (AR) instructions within the video scene to speed up the repair process, reduce site or machine down-time, or share the knowledge in the field.

With this release, the feature is available for iOS devices. If your device does not support ARKit (requires iOS 11+), you can still use it for video calls, but the recipient cannot draw into the video.


  • Process Control to guide users through a series of steps
  • simplified icons configuration with partial WYSIWYG
  • chart improvements - dynamic date grouping, multiple Group By clauses