Resco Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Microsoft Dynamics
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You can enhance Dynamics 365 Field Service with Resco technology to leverage the superior flexibility and mobility of Resco Mobile CRM app and benefit from many additional features like Inspections or Routes.

Key features

Fast and flexible mobile app with full offline support
Resco Mobile CRM is a proven mobile app available on all major platforms that seamlessly works both online and offline.
Robust inspections features
Resco Inspections allows you to add questionnaires, checklists, guides, or surveys to your field service. Technicians can answer the questionnaires in their Resco app; generating reports on the spot, even offline. Managers in the office can work with the collected information, but also easily update and create new questionnaires, either from scratch or choose from a library of templates.
navigate and track
Route plan: Users or their managers can plan daily routes
Routes AI: An extension of route plan offers improved route optimization, set up opening hours or fixed appointments
Location Monitor: Managers can track the current position of their field technicians, or use the timeshift function to check the history or predict their future movements.
Customizable app functions and interface
Resco Field Service 2.0 is built on the flexible Resco platform. Add custom colors or logos to get started. Set up what data and documents are relevant for mobile users and available offline. Configure entity lists, forms, filters, sorting. Add business logic: reuse the Business Process Flows of the server or create custom client-side logic, either using no-code rules or JavaScript.
Android, iOS, Windows, and web are just the beginning. Leverage smartwatches, VR/AR devices like HoloLens or RealWear's head-mounted tablet, ruggedized devices like Zebra... Control the app with your voice to keep your hands free.
In-app remote assistance
Augmented-reality video calls are also available directly in the mobile app. Experts from the back office can effortlessly guide technicians in the field to make sure they finish the job on the first visit.
Device management and synchronization
Keep track of the devices connected to your field service organization. Lock and wipe stolen devices with few clicks, keeping your data safe. See what devices are field technicians using, how often are they synchronizing data with the server, and resolve possible synchronization conflicts. Select the correct conflict resolution behavior and the right synchronization strategy finetuned for your organization and data.

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