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:Has access to the backend server via [[Admin Console]]. Manages users, business teams, permissions...
:Has access to the backend server via [[Admin Console]]. Manages users, teams, business units, ...
== See also ==
== See also ==
* [https://www.resco.net/houston-workforce-knowledge-management-software/ Official product page]
* [https://www.resco.net/houston-workforce-knowledge-management-software/ Official product page]

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This article is about the stand-alone product. If you are looking for information about Houston remote assistance, an optional component of Resco platform, see Houston video calls.


Resco Houston is a product for frontline workers introduced in June 2021. It provides a knowledge library and augmented-reality remote assistance calls in a single app.


  • Increase operation efficiency and safety
  • Solve problems right on the spot
  • Ensure continuous improvement and preserve tribal knowledge


  • Secure backend cloud server that stores your company knowledge and other data
  • A mobile app for front-line workers
  • A web app for the experts, managers, and admins working from a PC


Resco Houston offers a different experience depending on your role in the company.

Mobile user
Uses the mobile app on the floor as a vital source of information about equipment. Calls an expert when guides are not sufficient to solve a problem.
Provides assistance to junior colleagues remotely from the web application, using AR video calls. Has read-only access to company data.
Manager/Knowledge Manager
Creates the content. Controls assets, equipment, and guides. Has read-only access to users.
Has access to the backend server via Admin Console. Manages users, teams, business units, ...

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