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Resco Routes is a solution that enables businesses to keep up with their field staff and manage their work seamlessly, thanks to quick planning, scheduling and live resource tracking. Furthermore, it also lets field workers easily access their assignments and share the latest updates.

It enables organizations to monitor real-time location and schedule appointments for their mobile workforce. To the staff in the field, it provides clear-cut route plans and effective tracking of the time they have spent on different appointments, tasks and activities.

Resco Routes consists of three major components (modules):

Customization and setup is done via additional tools:

Backend integration

Resco Routes can be also connected to external data sources. This enables it to load and utilize relevant data (e.g. account, contact, appointment information) from various enterprise systems.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Resco proprietary CRM
  • Additionally, we offer an API for integration with third-party systems

Licensing and availability

Resco Routes is available to all partners and customers as a standalone solution or as an additional module for existing Resco implementations.

Resco provides a free 30-day trial allowing partners and customers to evaluate all capabilities of the product. The trial of Resco Routes is available here.

To offer flexibility for any type of organization, the pricing and licensing of Resco Routes consists of two parts:

  • The Routes Client license
  • The SuperUser (Administrator) license

Workers in the field require only the Routes Client license. It provides complete access to the Resco Routes mobile app.

The back office users who need to utilize the Resco Routes’ Schedule Board and Location Monitor, require the SuperUser (Administrator) license. This license is available in 2 plans. Single license or a Team license. Each SuperUser license provides full access to the Schedule Board, Location Monitor and the Routes app. The Single SuperUser license also includes 20 dev licenses for the Resco Routes app. The Team SuperUser license comes with 50 of these dev licenses.

Accessing Resco Routes

To access Resco Routes, using a web browser go to and log in to your organization.

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