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The Resco Routes application is a multi-platform mobile app that helps staff in the field to manage their work and travel. With a calendar view of all their assignments, a route planner to optimize their routes, and efficient timesheet management, they have everything they need to streamline their work and complete the job on time. It is a part of Resco Routes solution.

Key features:

  • A dedicated mobile application for Android, iOS (coming soon), and Windows (coming soon) devices
  • Users receive appointments, track their time and optimize routes via the app
  • Automatically shares user’s location with the back office during work hours
  • Functional even offline


To install Resco Routes on your device use the app stores available for your platform and search for Resco Routes; or use these direct links:

Synchronize with your server

When you first successfully connect to your server, the app will synchronize with it. Depending on the amount of data and the speed of your internet connection, this can take a few seconds or a couple minutes.

Subsequent synchronizations usually take much less time; only the changes are updated.

To synchronize manually, tap the Synchronize button: Synchronize.png.

Your app administrator can add or remove functions of the app, or filter the records to make the synchronization go faster.

If you are interested in technical aspects of synchronization, read more here.

Work online or off-line

Resco Routes app stores a copy of server data on your device. Therefore, you can work with your important information even without access to the internet.

Check the FAQ for information about the differences between online and off-line mode.

Even if your device has access to the internet, the off-line mode can offer smoother performance. To switch between online and offline, tap the online Online.png and offline Offline.png button.

Check your today's agenda

Today's agenda is the first item in the app main menu. The icon will include the number of your planned tasks for today. Tap Today's Agenda to see the list of your appointments.

Track your progress

Check the map

Wrap up your weekly week

Customize the app