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Users of Resco Mobile CRM and other Resco mobile apps can configure some aspects of their mobile app. This configuration is usually available from the home screen by tapping Setup.

Your Woodford administrator can make some of the parameters unavailable in the app (using Configuration), or even remove the Setup item from the menu.

The configuration parameters are organized into multiple sections. Modify them as needed and tap the save icon in the top right corner. Restart the application to make the changes active.


  • CRM
  • Google
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • DocuSign


Online Mode

Select when should online mode be used:

  • Always – app runs always in online mode
  • WiFi Only – app runs in online mode when the device is connected to internet via WiFi
  • Manual – user can switch between Online and Offline mode manually
  • Never – online mode is always switched off

Auto Sync

Select when to run automatic synchronization

  • Never – auto synchronization is turned off
  • On Start – app syncs automatically at the start of the app
  • On Change – every time the user modifies something, the app will automatically sync the change
  • On Start & Change – combination of both

Sync Login

When disabled, the synchronization window is not displayed when sync your app. The app performs synchronization in the background; you can continue using your app even while it synchronizes with your CRM server.

Save Password

  • On – app does not require the login information each time it is launched.
  • Off – after restarting the app, you only fill in the password (if the user name stays the same) or all info (if the user name has changed).


  • Language
  • New Form UI
  • Private Views
  • Max Image Size
  • Record Quality
  • List Buttons
  • Map
  • Dashboard
  • Change List
  • Design Dashboards
  • Private Charts
  • AutoFormGrid


  • Send Invites
  • Use Reminders
  • Send Email Via
  • HTML Emails
  • Signature
  • Exchange Folder
  • Show Images
  • Mark Email Read


Home Realm

This is a system setup. No need to change anything.

ADFS Username


Web Service

  • Auto – standard setting
  • Crm2011
  • Xrm – if you have issues with synchronization, choose the Xrm option

Delete Data

You can delete your whole database from the app on your device here. All saved data and previously synchronized, can be then downloaded again with synchronizing the app with the server.

Max Attachment Size

Specify the maximum size (in Bytes) of files and attachments that are downloaded to your app during synchronization. Larger attachments can still be downloaded on demand, but they are unavailable when offline.

Max Sync Records

Set the maximum number of records that are synchronized for each menu item (entity).

If you don’t see all your contacts, accounts, orders, etc. you need to increase this number. For instance: If you have 12.000 contacts and this value is set to 10.000, 2.000 contacts will be missing in your app.

Diag. Sync Log

Troubleshooting setting. Enable if you need more detailed information written to the sync log.


Customize the entity lists that you want to have available in the home screen. Entities that you disable are still available on your device, they are just hidden from the home screen.

Your Woodford administrator can make some entities permanently unavailable in the mobile app (Manage entities) or restrict what records are synchronized (Sync Filter); this can greatly reduce synchronization times.


You can use this parameter to have multiple customizations (app projects) installed on a single device in parallel.

  • If you want to add a project, set AppFolder to a unique value, for example TestProject, save the configuration, and restart the app. Connect to the project; it will be saved to the folder specified.
  • If you want to switch to a different project, change AppFolder to a value that you previously used for a project.

Do not use spaces or characters that cannot be used in folder names. Excluded characters depend on your device OS.

The AppFolder parameter is available on all platforms. For Windows apps, you can alternatively use the command line option -r to achieve similar effect.

Client Certificate