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Warning Work in progress! We are in the process of updating the information on this page. Subject to change.

Storage analyzer is a collection of tools providing statistical data about the local storage of Resco mobile apps, with particular focus on the database storage and binary documents (blob storage).


  • Storage analyzer requires app version 14.1 or later.
  • Storage analyzer is not available on Resco web apps (because they don't have any storage).

Using storage analyzer

  1. Go to the Setup/Settings screen, scroll down to the Advanced section, and select StorageAnalyzer.
  2. Tap Select and choose one of the available reports, or choose all of them.
  3. Wait until the report is generated.
  4. Optionally, you can email the generated report; or use the email preview screen to copy text from the reports.

If you have a large database, generating the reports can take significant time. Tap Abort to cancel the report generation.

To clear the results pane, tap Clear Results.

AppData report

This report provides general guidance about the data consumption of Resco mobile apps. Other reports provide more details, especially about the database and blob storage.

	Customization = 3074K
	WWW (Custom JS) = 2839K
	Images (Custom images) = 177K
	DB size = 6936M
	DB log size = 0K
	BlobStore = 1224M
	Logs size = 38K
	Temp files = 1309K
	Other files = 57K
	Temp Customization = 734K
	 ---> Totally 8168M
  • Customization – refers to the folder that contains all Woodford files created by Resco.
  • WWW (Custom JS) – JavaScript Woodford files supplied by the customer.
  • Images (Custom images) – Woodford images supplied by the customer.
  • DB size – SQLite database file size.
  • DB log size – SQLite WAL log file size.
  • BlobStore – Folder containing data stored outside of the database in the file system, i.e., attachments and documents.
  • Logs – Various log files maintained by Resco mobile apps. Use the About form to preview their content.
  • Temp files – Temporary files. (Mainly customization *.zip files.)
  • Other files – Remaining files maintained by Resco mobile apps.
  • Temp Customization – Folder with new customization which failed to be applied for any reason - maybe app crashed or was forcefully killed. Will be cleared sooner or later.

Entities report