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Branding and customization

The default colors in the Resco Mobile CRM app can be modified by tweaking the theme. This allows you to apply your corporate colors to the app.

Edit an app project and select Theme from the Project menu of Woodford to alter the theme.

View styles set for specific field(s) on a view have higher priority and override the theme color settings. To learn more about view styles, see View styles. You can also check Row scripts.

Changing the theme

Setup is WYSIWYG, so you can click on any sections on the preview to change its color. The changes will be shown immediately in the preview.

If you want to see all items, the color of which you can change, you need to click on Show Color List.

Hint Colors set for ListForeground and ListSelForeground for Views and TabForeground and TabSelForeground for tab are also used for icons, that were colorized, when importing via Images section.

It is also possible to create separate color versions for different platforms. Platform dependent changes will be used instead of the All Platforms color theme.

  • Customize – ios – Apple iOS platform
  • Customize – android – Google Android platform
  • Customize – win – Windows desktop, application, installation file of which can be downloaded from our website
  • Customize – winrt – Windows RT, 8, 8.1 Metro style applications available from Windows Store
Note WinRT only accepts foreground color changes.

At the bottom, there is the Palette – list of colors that are used in the current theme. By changing the palette color, all items that use this palette color will be changed accordingly.

After using the Load Preset button, all changes will be reverted back to the default setting.

You can export the current theme setup and save it by using the Export button (to use it in another project for example). Import will import a theme setup and apply it.

See also

  • You can check our blog post about themes for an example of work with themes.