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=== Set up Salesforce trial ===
If you don't have a Salesforce organization, you can create one for free.
# Go to [https://www.salesforce.com/ www.salesforce.com] and click '''Try for free'''.<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 1.png|600px]]
# Answer a few details about your organization.<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 2.png|600px]]<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 3.png|600px]]<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 4.png|600px]]
# Click '''Submit''' and wait until the organization is created.<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 5.png|600px]]
# You receive an email to the address specified in step 2. Click '''Verify Account'''.<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 6.png|600px]]
# Change your password and set a security question, then click '''Change Password'''.<br>[[File:Salesforce trial 7.png]]
=== Connect your Salesforce organization with Resco ===
To access Resco tools that extend the functionality of Salesforce, proceed as follows.
# Log in to [[Resco for Salesforce]] using your Salesforce credentials.
#* For production, go to https://salesforce.resco.net/
#* For the test, go to https://salesforce-test.resco.net/<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 1.png|600px]]
# Grant Resco access to your organization.<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 2.png]]
# Create a Resco organization by filling in your contact details. Click '''Connect Resco to Salesforce''' to proceed.<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 3.png|600px]]
# Wait until your organization is prepared. In a few seconds or minutes, you are redirected to the welcome page.<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 4.png|600px]]
The [[Resco for Salesforce]] dashboard includes these tools:
* [[Woodford]]: the primary tool for editing [[app projects]]
* [[Sync Dashboard]]: a tool for monitoring synchronization of mobile devices with the server
* [[Report Designer|Mobile Report Editor]]: a tool for designing mobile reports
The trial for this organization lasts 30 days. You have access to all of Resco´s functionalities during this period. If you would like to extend or purchase any licenses, please contact your respective Account Manager.
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