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=== Connect your Salesforce organization with Resco ===
To access Resco tools that extend the functionality of Salesforce, proceed as follows.
# Log in to [[Resco for Salesforce]] using your Salesforce credentials.
#* For production, go to https://salesforce.resco.net/
#* For the test, go to https://salesforce-test.resco.net/<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 1.png|600px]]
# Grant Resco access to your organization.<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 2.png]]
# Create a Resco organization by filling in your contact details. Click '''Connect Resco to Salesforce''' to proceed.<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 3.png|600px]]
# Wait until your organization is prepared. In a few seconds or minutes, you are redirected to the welcome page.<br>[[File:Resco for salesforce 4.png|600px]]
The [[Resco for Salesforce]] dashboard includes these tools:
* [[Woodford]]: the primary tool for editing [[app projects]]
* [[Sync Dashboard]]: a tool for monitoring synchronization of mobile devices with the server
* [[Report Designer|Mobile Report Editor]]: a tool for designing mobile reports
The trial for this organization lasts 30 days. You have access to all of Resco´s functionalities during this period. If you would like to extend or purchase any licenses, please contact your respective Account Manager.
=== Download and install Resco Mobile CRM ===
# Log in to your [[Resco for Salesforce]] page.
#* For production, go to https://salesforce.resco.net/
#* For the test, go to https://salesforce-test.resco.net/
# Click '''Download Apps''' and from the listed platforms, choose the one you use on your device.<br>[[File:Salesforce app 1.png|600px]]
# Install the app on your device.
# Start the app and on the Welcome to Resco Mobile CRM screen, select '''Internal User'''.<br>[[File:Salesforce app 2.png|600px]]
# If you have a QR code with login credentials, tap '''Scan QR''' in the Welcome guide. Otherwise, you can sign in with ''OAuth2'' '''User Mode'''. Enter your organization´s URL or salesforce.com for production and test.salesforce.com for a sandbox organization.
# Create a new password to protect your data and initialize the sync process by tapping the sync button in the top right corner of the screen.<br>[[File:Salesforce app 3.png|400px]]
# Enter your Salesforce credentials to log in.<br>[[File:Salesforce app 4.png|400px]]
# Allow the app to access information from Salesforce by tapping '''Allow'''.<br>[[File:Salesforce app 5.png|400px]]
The application will now start synchronizing data with your Salesforce organization. Once completed, you will be able to see and work with your Salesforce data, whether you are offline or online.
=== Install Resco managed package ===
[[Resco managed package]] is an app installed directly onto your Salesforce organization that grants you access to additional Resco features:
* [[Resco Inspections]]: design questionnaires, dynamic forms, or surveys; answer the questionnaires in Resco mobile apps; then analyze the collected results
* [[Salesforce object blacklist]]: set which metadata are downloaded to Woodford
To install the package:
# Go to [https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000E9TXuUAN Resco's AppExchange listing].
# Click '''Get It Now'''.<br>[[File:Install Managed Package.png|600px]]
# Access the new features from your Salesforce organization using App Launcher.<br>[[File:Resco_managed_package.png]]
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