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Users can control their app by voice.


Voice control is available on Android devices. On the device, make sure to enable Voice Control and Text-to-Speech features. Voice control is available in English.

Enabling voice control

To enable voice control in Resco Mobile CRM app:

  • Go to Setup.
  • Enable Appearance > Voice control.

Using voice control

Your app is listening

First, address the app by saying "Resco" (reskəʊ; reskoʊ). While the app is listening, you have few seconds to say a command.

Your current element within the app is marked by grey dotted line. Use the following commands for navigation within the app:

  • go back
  • go next
  • read more
  • read focus
  • find
  • open
  • close form

Say "help" and "read commands" if you are looking for ways how to control the app. Say "stop" to interrupt reading the commands.

Say "start" to run a command. Say "input" to fill in the currently focused field.

Voice inspection

You can perform an inspection (fill in a questionnaire) using voice, along with a smartwatch.

Customizing in Woodford

You can use the Woodford tool to customize the available command words.

  • Edit an app project.
  • Select Voice Control from the Project menu.
  • Modify the commands, then click Save.

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