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Woodford is a browser-based configuration tool for building and managing mobile projects using the Resco platform. It also allows you to manage connected mobile devices and licenses.

Availability and installation

An HTML version of Woodford is available on all major platforms and browsers, including Mac OS and the Safari web browser. Former stand-alone application is no longer updated.

Using Woodford requires a SuperUser (Administrator) license.

Microsoft Dynamics

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics:

  1. Go to Woodford download page: www.resco.net/woodford-overview.
  2. Depending on your Dynamics version, download the appropriate solution file:
    • If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, click Woodford for Dynamics 2011 Download.
    • If you are using a newer version, click Woodford for Dynamics Download.
  3. Log in to your Dynamics CRM.
  4. Go to the Solutions section of your CRM server settings.
  5. Click Import and select the downloaded Woodford zip file.
  6. Finish the import wizard and publish all customizations.

Woodford is now available in the CRM Settings, under MobileCRM section.

Please see your Dynamics documentation if you need more information about how to upload solution packages or publish customizations.

Updating Woodford

If you need to update your Woodford solution to a new version, we recommend the following:

  • First, back up your Woodford projects.
  • Use the procedure for new installation; however, you need to perform an additional step during the solution import wizard. Dynamics detects that the solution package contains an update for a solution that is already installed. Select Maintain customizations (recommended).

Uninstalling Woodford

To uninstall Woodford from Dynamics, remove the Woodford solution file.

Note All projects and records in resco_ entities are removed. Use the Export functionality to back up your projects. To uninstall the Woodford application or solution file, each entity enabled in PLUGINS (N:N Relations, Delete, Owner) has to be deactivated in the plugin before removing the solution.

Resco Cloud

If you are using Resco CRM server (Resco Cloud), Woodford does not require any installation.

  • Log in to your Resco CRM server.
  • Select Tools & Settings > Woodford from the menu.


If you are using Salesforce, Woodford does not require any installation.

  1. Go to Woodford download page: www.resco.net/woodford-overview.
  2. Select the appropriate Salesforce version:
    • For production use, click Woodford for Salesforce - Production.
    • For sandbox environment, click Woodford for Salesforce - Sandbox.
  3. Log in to Salesforce.
  4. Select Woodford.

By default, Woodford works only with standard Salesforce objects and fields after its first connection with Resco. All you need to do is to sync the solution with all the custom objects and settings you have in your existing organization. Click Update and wait while your custom settings are downloaded to Woodford.

User interface

Woodford main screen

The main screen of the application has the following three sections:

  • Administration menu in on the left side of the screen. Use Administration menu to access different functions of the application.
  • Main menu or toolbar is in top section of the application. The buttons and settings in the toolbar depend on the function selected in the Administration menu.
  • The main pane of Woodford displays content depending on what's selected in the Administration menu.

Administration menu

This menu allows you to access the following functions:

Note While the Woodford is in the evaluation period, Mobile Users menu is not available, as the number of mobile users during the trial period is not limited.

When you use Woodford, the Administration menu can be replaced by submenus or other panes. To return to the Administration menu, use the left arrow (back) button in the top left corner of the app.

Project menu

The Project menu replaces the Administration menu when you are editing an app project.

New features and changes

Spring 2019

  • GitHub integration: users can now commit mobile projects to this well-known software version control service or restore them from GitHub – which results in the improved life-cycle management of projects, enables progress tracking, and more.
  • Export/import any artifact (Dashboard, List, View, Form, Chart) – serves for replicating design artifacts between projects or for a quick backup.
  • Import Salesforce.com layouts as multiple forms – the app will choose the correct form (layout) automatically.
  • Overhauled Mobile Report Designer – users can add, edit and remove reports, manage report styles and sources with this fast and user-friendly editing tool.
  • Enhanced User Experience – the HTML version enables a more convenient experience for users coming alongside the improved navigation.
  • Optimized publishing times – the new version brings faster publishing speed.
  • Sync Dashboard, including sync conflict resolution – enables admins to help users in the field to resolve synchronization conflicts and any errors that may occur. Find out more info in this blog.
  • Device control center – previously known as the Security section, where admins can see the status of each user (last sync, device Id, device OS, and other details).