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Warning This page describes a function that has not yet been publicly released, or has been released in beta / preview quality. Subject to change.

Resco remote assistance Houston is a video call functionality that connects a user, usually an on-site technician or a customer, with a remote expert. Call participants can draw augmented-reality (AR) instructions within the video scene to speed up the repair process, reduce site or machine down-time, or share the knowledge in the field. See Resco remote assistance Houston in action YouTube

The access to Houston is included in the Resco Inspections license. It is available for iOS devices. If your device does not support ARKit (requires iOS 11+), you can still use it for video calls, but the recipient cannot draw into the video.

Generate Agora key

Houston uses a third-party solution from agora.io for video calls. You need to register and generate a key.

  1. Go to www.agora.io.
  2. Sign up to create an account.
  3. Create a new project and copy its App ID. You will need it in the next step, in Woodford configuration.

A new Agora account comes with 10.000 minutes of free calls.

Set up Woodford

In your app project, you need to enter the key from Agora and enable chat.

  1. Edit your app project in Woodford.
  2. Select Configuration from the Project menu, go to the Integrations tab, scroll down to Agora and enter your Agora Key, then click Save.
  3. Select Social from the Project menu, check Enable Chat, then click Save.
  4. Publish the project.

Set up your questionnaire

No configuration needed for the first release.

Call from the app

The video call option is called Remote Assistance. This command is available from the hamburger menu in the Questionnaire form. Users can access it from any questionnaire for that organization and they can select from a list of recipients. If the caller's device does not support augmented reality, a plain video call is used.

The recipient of the call must also have an iOS device synchronized with the same organization. The app does not have to be running to receive calls.

Remote Assistant.png


You can change the label of the Remote Assistance command using the string Cmd.RemoteAssistance.