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Resco Academy is virtual learning environment provided by Resco for its customers and partners. It offers courses about Resco technology, in two categories: general and technical. Students can study at their own pace, reading, watching videos, experimenting with the exercises, answering quizzes. Select a certification path suitable for your role and become an expert in Resco technology.

Access to Resco Academy requires registration but it is completely free of charge.


Available courses



Resco Essentials 2021
Certification course Resco Essentials 2021 is designed for all users who are just starting with Resco and would like to get a solid basis of skills and knowledge. Once you achieve the certification, you will be able to create a basic Resco solution. The learning path should take from 10 to 20 hours (exercises included) based on your previous experience. Resco certification is also a condition of our partnership agreement and a door opener to more benefits.
Resco Advanced Certificate
If you would like to build a more advanced and complex solution, Resco Advanced certification offers you a skill-set consisting of Business Logic, Report Designer, Synchronization and Sync Dashboard, Logs and Troubleshooting.

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