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This article is about the stand-alone product. If you are looking for information about Houston remote assistance, an optional component of Resco platform, see Houston video calls.


Resco Houston is a product for frontline workers introduced in June 2021. It provides a knowledge library and augmented-reality remote assistance calls in a single app.


  • Increase operation efficiency and safety
  • Solve problems right on the spot
  • Ensure continuous improvement and preserve tribal knowledge


  • Secure backend cloud server that stores your company knowledge and other data
  • A custom mobile app for workers in the front line
  • A web app for the staff working from home and office


Resco Houston offers a different experience depending on your role in the company.

Has full access to all company data. Controls users, assets, equipment, and guides.
Mobile worker
Uses the mobile app in the field as a vital source of information about assets. Calls an expert when guides are not enough.
Provides assistance to junior colleagues in the field.
Knowledge writer
Transforms tribal knowledge into guides.

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