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  • New separate page for Rules editor? Done.
  • New separate page for Conflict resolution? Done.
  • New separate page for Style editor? Done.
  • New separate page for Filter editor? Started.
  • Convert form commands to a more generic article about all commands (form, view/multiselect, qdesigner, ...) > Command editor.
  • Update Resco CRM server landing page? Resco_CRM_server#Resco_Cloud_landing_page
  • New C:Support (?) for stuff interesting for support staff? c exists, could use more
  • Polish up Woodford article did some polishing
  • "online vs offline" article; reuse old blogs! Online versus Offline
  • Dynamics: landing page with some brief info and link to various resources
  • Calendar: clarify the distinction between global calendar defined in Woodford and entity views displayed as a calendar.
  • Email integration: overview of various email related stuff. app UI. providers. settings. tracking emails
  • Split C:Woodford into subcats?
  • KB articles concept
  • describe various Resco entities in one place?
  • Terminology cleanup: Resco Cloud, Resco platform
  • Form: one big annotated pic showcasing various ui elements
  • View: flipping!! when, how, etc.
  • description of the appdata folder
  • Rename entity images to dynamic images
  • Resco CRM sync


  • Sync filter: new topics Inner vs Outer link; AND vs OR.
  • downloadpermissions
  • 12029
  • FetchXML: add examples