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A view is a part of Resco mobile apps that displays lists of entity records. App administrators can design views for the users using Woodford, but app users can also create and manage their own custom views directly in their apps.

Creating a private view

  1. Start the app and on the home screen, select an entity, for example, Contacts.
  2. Switch to a different view and select Advanced Find.
    Advanced find in views.png
  3. Click the first line (Save As) to rename your view.
  4. Click the second line (bold entity name) to modify sort order and additional actions.
    Advanced find actions.png
  5. Use the additional lines to define filtering conditions.
    Advanced find conditions.png
  6. Save the view.

Managing private views

To manage private views, go to the Setup section of your app and select Appearance > Private Views. All your private views for all entities are listed here, and you can clone, delete, edit, or rename them.

Disabling private views

Woodford administrator can disable private views via Configuration. On the UI tab, set List > Allow Advanced Find to false.