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Integration of events and reminders allows you to set up interactions between the calendar on your device and the calendar in the app.

  • Show personal events in the app’s calendar.
  • Show CRM events in the native calendar of the device (available for iOS 6.0+, Android 4.0+).
  • Create reminders for the CRM events in the native calendar of the device.

For more information about reminders, be sure to also read this blog post. Blog

CRM events in personal calendar

Select PIM > Events & Reminders from the Project menu of Woodford and define which events trigger reminders and which will be displayed in the personal app.

Every event type (entity) has following integration options:

  • Reminder Only – When the activity is due, and the Mobile CRM app is not running in the foreground, a reminder will be shown to users.
  • Show in Calendar – CRM events are displayed in native system calendar (a new calendar called ‘CRM Events’ will be added). This option includes also reminders. It does not allow users to edit CRM events within the native device’s calendar.
  • Sync with Calendar – Any changes of CRM events made from the native calendar app will be reflected in Mobile CRM app. This option includes also reminders.

Click Edit Filter and specify conditions; only reminders/events that match the criteria will be synchronized. See Filter editor for more information.

You can force users to have reminders/CRM events on the device calendar.

  1. Select Settings > Configuration from the Project menu.
  2. Go to the PIM/Email tab.
  3. Set Use Reminders to True.
  4. Check Lock and click Save.

Personal events in the app

Users can control whether they want to display personal events in the Mobile CRM Calendar from within the app. This option is disabled by default, users can enable it by turning on the Private Calendars option in the application's Setup section.

Administrators can change this default setting or enable/disable this option via Configuration. If Show Personal Events is enabled, users will have their personal events displayed in the Mobile CRM Calendar by default. If it's set on FALSE, personal events will not be displayed in the Mobile CRM Calendar by default.

The Lock option allows you to lock the setting, so that mobile users won’t be able to change it within the app.