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Feedback and statistics are a series of tools and features for improving the guides. Mobile users and guide editors work together to make the guides better for everyone.

  • Users can leave comments for each question.
  • Users can provide feedback after reading a guide.
  • Users are tracked when they open and read guides.
  • Editors can display and process comments in the library.
  • Editors can check guide feedback in the library.
  • Editors can switch to the statistics page of the library to see collected usage data.

Setting up feedback and usage logging

If you are using Woodford:

  1. Go to the Guides configuration in Woodford.
  2. To enable feedback, and select Enable Feedback.
  3. As Time, enter the minimum time spent viewing the guide (also configurable in the project configuration as Guide Feedback Timeout).
  4. To enable comments on step level, select Allow users to report step issues.
  5. To enable statistics, and select Enable Usage Logging.
  6. Save changes and publish the app project.
:Guide feedback and logging setting

For scenarios without Woodford (Power Apps and Power Pages)

  1. In the Power Platform editor, edit the default solution.
  2. Go to Settings > Setting environment values.
  3. Optionally, filter for settings starting the "rh_" prefix.
    • Use Enable step feedback to allow users to comment on any guide step (default: no).
    • Use Enable usage logging to record statistical information about reading guides in the app (default: yes). This information is then made available to guide editors.
    • Use Guide feedback timeout to set how many seconds users must read a guide before they can rate it (default: 10 seconds).
Make powerapps Guide admin settings

Rate guides and view feedback

Users can rate the guides and provide feedback to the guide editors. The option to leave feedback is displayed after closing the guide. Users must spend at least 10 seconds in the guide to leave feedback. The minimum time spent is configurable.

Guide feedack entry example

Editors in the back office can then view user feedback in the Guide library and use it to improve the guides.

Guide editor feedback on sample Guide example

Leave comments on steps

Users can report issues for individual steps when viewing a guide.

Guide editors see a red flag on their guide. They review the issues, perform changes in the guide, and mark issues complete.

Guides: Report issue for a particular step Guides: Red flag means open issues Guides:Accept or decline comments in the guide editor

Usage statistics

The information on how many times a particular guide was opened is available in the guides library:

Guides statisctic

To see more detailed statistics switch to the Statistics tab of the library.

Guides dashboard sample

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