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Power Platform

Resco Steps+ is a model-driven app available in the Resco Guides managed package. It showcases Resco's workforce knowledge management software on the Power Platform. Create and use step-by-step instructions for various tasks and processes.

How to install Steps+

  1. Go to the product page and start a free trial.
  2. Download the Steps+ solution package.
  3. Log in to https://make.powerapps.com with your Power Platform/Dataverse/Dynamics account.
  4. Select an environment where you want to install Steps+. You must have admin rights in that environment.
  5. Select Solutions to display a list of solutions on your environment.
  6. Click Import solution and choose the downloaded solution file, then click Next.
  7. Power Apps verifies the package. Click Import and wait until the installation is complete.
  8. Publish all customizations to conclude the installation.

How to import Resco Guides to Power Apps

Steps+ app

After installing the Resco Guides managed solution, a new app becomes available in your organization. From the list of apps, select Resco Steps+.

How to launch Resco Steps Plus from Power Platform

This model-driven app aims to provide options to design guide templates using the embedded Guides library tool. Also, it allows you to read the guides, just like the intended consumers of the guide content do.

  • Get Started: The home page serves as an introduction to the app.
  • Guides List: Standard Dataverse form listing the available guide templates. Use it to view guides.
  • Guides Editor: Use the Guides library, a custom tool for creating, editing, and managing guide templates.
  • Categories: Guide authors can group guides into categories. Use this option to manage guide categories.

Demo data

Import a sample guide or create one from scratch.

To import a guide:

  1. Download a sample guide.
  2. Start the Steps+ app and select Guides Editor.
  3. Click the import button in the toolbar and select the downloaded zip file.
  4. Select the imported guide and publish it.

To create a guide:

  1. Start the Steps+ app and select Guides Editor.
  2. Enter a title and optionally description for your guide.
  3. On the Media library pane, add some images, PDF documents, or videos.
  4. On the Steps Explorer pane, add a few more steps.
  5. Drag images from the media library to the cover page and steps.
  6. Save the guide and publish it.

Either way, you can now check the Guides List to see if your new guide is available and ready for viewing.

Resco Steps plus (model-driven app) main screen

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