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Resco remote assistance Houston is a video call functionality that connects a user, usually a technician on-site or in the field, with a remote expert. The receiver of the call can draw augmented-reality (AR) instructions within the video scene to speed up the repair process, reduce site or machine downtime, or share the knowledge in the field. See Resco remote assistance Houston in action YouTube

The access to Houston is included in the Resco Inspections license. It is available on iOS devices and the web. If the mobile device of the user who is initiating the call does not support ARKit (requires iOS 11+), video calls can still be used, but the recipient cannot draw into the video. The recipient’s mobile device does not have to support ARKit to draw into the video. The list of devices supporting ARKit can be found on Apple web.

Resco Houston on iOS runs with Resco Cloud, Dynamics, and Salesforce backends.

Generate Agora key

Houston uses a third-party solution from agora.io for video calls. To use Houston with Resco, you first need to register on agora.io and generate a key that you later save in Woodford.

  1. Go to www.agora.io.
  2. Sign up to create an account.
  3. Create a new project and copy its App ID. You will need it in the next step, in Woodford configuration.

A new Agora account comes with 10.000 minutes of free calls every month. These conditions may change over time, please check with agora.io for any updates.

Set up Woodford

In your app project, you need to enable Houston and enter the key from Agora.

  1. Edit your app project in Woodford.
  2. Select Houston from the Project menu.
  3. Enable Houston and enter the Agora Key, then click Save.
  4. Publish the project.

Set up your questionnaire

No configuration needed for this release.

Call from mobile app to another iOS device

Remote Assistant.png

To start a video call:

  1. Open any questionnaire in your app project.
  2. Select the Remote Assistance command from the hamburger menu.
  3. Select a recipient from the list of users in your organization.

If your device does not support augmented reality, a plain video call is used.

The recipient of the call must also have an iOS device synchronized with the same organization. The app does not have to be running to receive calls.

Once the call ends, both users can save their notes about the call in the form in the Phone call entity.

Receive call via web app

Recipients can answer the call also from the web. These are the prerequisites:

  • Accepting calls using Resco web app runs only on Resco Cloud.
  • The web app does not have to be running, but the recipient must have used it at least once so that the notifications can be registered.
  • At least one browser window must be open and push notifications must be enabled in the browser. Houston runs on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, but it does not run in incognito mode.
  • We recommend checking the global notifications settings in Windows (to make sure that they are not blocked). In need of troubleshooting, please visit Microsoft support web.

This is the actual flow of the call for the recipient:

  1. You receive a system notification about an incoming call.
    Houston 1 notif.png
  2. Click Open Incoming Call. The call dialog opens in your browser. You can either accept or decline the call.
  3. Click Accept to open Houston web interface.
  4. Wait for the caller to map the AR scene by moving the device to the front and back and to the sides.
    Houston 2 map.png
  5. After a few seconds, once the mapping is done, you can start drawing.
    Houston 3 call.png
  6. You can also make notes about the issue that was solved on the call in the Notes section. The note will be saved in the phone call record in the Phone call entity.
  7. When the call ends, you can complete the notes, save them, and then close the browser.
    Houston 4 note.png


You can change the label of the Remote Assistance command using the string Cmd.RemoteAssistance.