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Warning This page describes a function that has not yet been publicly released, or has been released in beta / preview quality. Subject to change.

Pay with Resco will enrich the field processes and enable our customers with the ability to collect payment directly at the place of work or visit! After successful service, say repair of a dishwasher, the technician will be able to create an invoice directly on their mobile device and get paid by the customer right on the spot.

We've integrated a payment processing engine from Stripe into our platform. You can now get paid for the service, order, or issued invoice directly in the Resco mobile app. With release 14.3, we have prepared a fully functional demo for our partners and customers. The function is currently available for Dynamics. Experiment with the feature and help us shape this feature to match your needs. Contact your business development manager at Resco for more information.

Pay with Resco in action.jpg

Integrate with Stripe

In order to make it work, you need a Stripe account. You can register at their website. Then, enter the Stripe API key and payment gateway URL to your app project configuration in Woodford:

Configuration stripe.png

Add form commands

There are two new commands available in the Woodford solution for Dynamics:

  • Create Invoice on the Work Order form
  • Collect Payment on the Invoice form.

(We've already had a Create Invoice command on the sales entity Order form.)

You need to add these commands on the respective forms in order to make the payment functionality available.

Create Invoice on WO form:

Create invoice command on work order form.png

Collect Payment on Invoice form:

Collect payment command on invoice form.png

Payment in action

After doing this, you're all set up to collect payments after service. In the mobile app, you work with the Work Order form. When you add used services and products on work order, these items will get into the invoice after you've selected the Create Invoice command.

Work Order with Products & Services, Invoice

Stripe - work order.png Stripe - invoice.png

On the invoice form, simply use the Collect Payment command. A QR code with the payment link appears on the technician's device. You can also send the payment link via email.

Stripe - payment qr.png

Customers can scan the QR code (or open the link from email) on their device to reach the payment confirmation page:

Stripe - pay.png