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Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications.

Dynamics can benefit from tight integration with Resco platform, gaining access to powerful and fully customizable mobile applications that can work with the data of your Dynamics organization, even offline.

Integration schemas

Resco with Dynamics architecture.png Dynamics diagram.png Dynamics architecture.png

Getting started

To start using Resco for Dynamics, you have to add Woodford to your Dynamics server. See Installing Woodford on Dynamics for further instructions.

To verify that the Resco solution was installed successfully, and to manage the solution, go to Settings > Solutions and search for "Woodford".

Installed resco solution on dynamics.png

Resco functions on Dynamics

By installing Woodford, you can now access additional tools from your Dynamics server. In the list of published apps, search for Resco Suite:

Resco suite app.png

You can then access the different Resco features:

Resco features in dynamics.png

  • Woodford: Customization and configuration of Resco mobile application directly from your web browser.
Designer: Questionnaire building and customization tool.
Automatic Dashboard: Visualize and evaluate data collected from the questionnaires.
Scheduler: Assign appointments to users.
Results Viewer
Mobile Auditing Map: View transactions across records and users on a map.
Mobile Auditing Records: View a chronological list of transactions across records and users.
  • Sync Dashboard: Monitor synchronization details of your users and devices.

App projects

App projects are customized versions of Resco mobile application dedicated to a particular set of users. Or more precisely, the application remains the same, but each project may have a different set of data and functions available. For example, your mobile sales team may need easy access for showcasing products and creating up new orders, field technicians may need instructions that guide them through the process of a maintenance inspection, and their managers can be interested in seeing the aggregated data or monitor the location of their staff on a map in real time.

Resco on Dynamics comes with a set of default project templates designed for concrete scenarios (for example, mobile sales or inspections) and these can be further customized using the Woodford tool, or you can design your own app project from scratch.


Resco is also compatible with Microsoft Dataverse, formerly known as Project Oakdale, formerly known as Microsoft Dataflex, formerly known as Common Data Service (CDS). To make the process of creating a mobile experience for CDS even easier, we also created a default app project for CDS organizations where there are no Sales entities present.

Mobile apps

Resco offers several mobile apps that understand app projects and allow you to work with your Dynamics data. To get started, download any of the app and connect to Dynamics. If you're not sure which app to download, get the classic Resco Mobile CRM.

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