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Warning The standalone product resco.Houston is no longer supported. The knowledge library function continues as Guides in the Resco platform. Should you have any questions, please contact

Administrators are users of resco.Houston with most privileges. Among other things, they have exclusive power over users, they can modify the user interface for other users, manage connected mobile devices, and monitor the synchronization patterns of mobile users.

Accessing resco.Houston

Admins access resco.Houston using a web browser. We recommend using Chrome.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your organization ID, email address, and password.

Log in to houston.png

Main functions

The menu in the left pane allows you to access the different features of resco.Houston.

  • The Workspace section serves for managing equipment, models, and guides. It is shared with other roles in your organization. To learn more about these functions, visit resco.Houston back office guide.
  • The Administration section is the exclusive domain of admin users.

Your user portrait in the top right corner allows you to sign out of the app. If you have multiple roles assigned, you can switch to the appropriate app from this location.

Resco.houston admin.png

App configurator

Warning This function is for internal use only. Contact Resco if you're curious about how to customize your Houston experience.

resco.Houston product is built on top of the flexible Resco platform. One of the important building blocks of this platform is Woodford (App Configurator in the menu). It is a browser-based configuration tool that allows you to customize how different users can access and work with your organization's data via app projects. resco.Houston comes with 4 app projects for the four user roles out of the box.

Woodford in houston.png

Manage organization

Your resco.Houston organization data are saved in the cloud. The Admin Console (Manage Organization option in the menu) is a powerful management tool with many functions. In this section, we will describe only the main use cases relevant for resco.Houston.

User management

Admins have the right to create and delete users. To create a user:

  1. Log in to resco.Houston as an admin and select Manage Organization from the menu to launch the Admin Console.
  2. Select Resources > Users from the menu to display a list of users.
    List of users in the admin console.png
  3. Click New and enter the details of the new user. Remember to add one or more roles to the user.
    Create a new houston user.png
  4. Click Save & Close to return to the list of users. Your new user is ready.

Data management

The Manage Data section is another useful section for admins. This is where all entities are listed. Click any entity to display a list of records of this entity. For example, Guide Category opens a list of current categories of guides; you can add new ones or delete existing ones. In the example below, the admin is deleting a duplicate "Training" category.

Delete a duplicate guide category.png

In this way, admins can also delete obsolete guides, equipment, and models.

Audit logs

Sync Dashboard (Audit Logs option in the menu) is a monitoring tool that allows administrators to see how your apps and users behave in terms of synchronization. This can be an important tool if you're in charge of administering a growing number of mobile users with a wide range of mobile devices who can face various problems, for example, when working in locations with limited network access.