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What is changing in terms of cloud services in Resco Cloud?

As a part of infrastructure improvements, we will migrate from using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure cloud services to store and process all data related to Resco Cloud.

What data will be migrated?

The data of all Resco Cloud clients based in Europe will be migrated and stored via Microsoft Azure from Amazon AWS.

Where are the new data centers located?

There will be no change in terms of data location. The cloud servers are located in Netherlands.

Does the migration affect the security or access to Resco Cloud data?

No, Microsoft Azure is a premier cloud service provider with multi-layered security ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data.

Do I need to take some action prior to the migration?

As a part of the cloud service provider migration - an IP address providing access to the Resco login page ( will be deprecated and changed to

Therefore, there are two scenarios that you should consider if you use Resco Cloud services:

  • You don’t need to make any changes if - you use the DNS system to access Resco ( or or native Resco apps and don’t use the IP address format in any of your processes. The change of cloud service provider will not affect how you use Resco Cloud.
  • You should take action if - you use the IP address format to connect to Resco through the web, use the IP address in integration setup, or for example, have a browser/proxy/or firewall whitelist containing the given IP. In that case, you should update these settings and only use the new IP address starting from 30th of July 2022.

Old IP address: (Inbound / Outbound).

New IP address: (Inbound), (Outbound).

Should I participate in the migration process and service provider change?

No, Resco and the cloud service providers will handle the whole process of data migration and the change of data processing partner. There is no action needed from your side except for the IP address change mentioned above.

When will the migration take place?

We will switch to the new cloud service provider on 30th of July 2022.

Should I expect any downtime or inaccessibility of Resco Cloud during the migration?

To minimize any potential disruption to your work processes and workflows, we will migrate our services to the new cloud service provider during the weekend, on 1st of August 2022. However, you shouldn’t notice any service downtimes during that time.

What is the recommended way of accessing Resco Cloud services after the migration?

Starting from 30th of July 2022, there will be available a new website that will provide a unified and most straightforward way to log in to Resco services, no matter the solution you use. We encourage you to consider using this method to access Resco.

However, the current sites (like or will stay active and available.