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If you want to change the settings of your organization in Woodford, select Settings from the Administration menu.

Organization settings

Auto-assign licenses
When selected, each user that logs into the CRM with a mobile device is granted a license to use the Woodford customization, as long as there's a free (or recycled, see below) license available.
When cleared, users are granted a temporary two-week license. Administrators can use this grace period to assign a permanent license manually to the user (see Assign licenses manually). Without a permanent license, users lose access to the organization after two weeks.
You can also see the number of available/total licenses.
Auto-free up unused licenses (not synchronized in last 90 days)
Select if you want the system to purge unused licenses after 90 days of inactivity. These licenses will become available again.
The exact behavior is: When all licenses are assigned (there are no free licenses), both Auto-assign licenses and Auto-free up unused licenses are enabled, there's at least one user that has not synchronized for at least 90 days, and a new user tries to synchronize; in this case, the license from the user that has not synchronized (in at least 90 days) is transferred to the new user trying to synchronize.

User settings

Use European date format within Woodford. (day.month.year 24hours)
Check for updates on startup
Send licenses assignment notifications
When selected, you will receive notifications about each assigned license, delivered to the email address specified in your profile. You can also add additional email addresses that should receive notification about licenses. Enter one email address per line. Users that don't want to receive notifications can unsubscribe by clicking on the appropriate link in the email message.