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Rules and examples

On Execute button icon App users can execute commands from their app, for example, run a mobile report or delete several records at once. Predefined commands usually function out of the box. However, you can use rules to define their availability and tweak their function. On Execute lets you define actions that the command performs. This rule is triggered when the command button is pressed. For example, It can be filling in some data, hiding fields, etc. On Can Execute rule then modifies in which situations users can see and use the command.

On Execute is available for the following user interface components:

In Woodford, you can edit the commands available for a form. In Questionnaire Designer, you can edit the commands available when filling out a questionnaire.


List of available form and questionnaire commands can be found here.


Example: Field clearing command

We creat a custom command custom_del_street. When clicked, Entity.addres1_line1 field is cleared.

If Condition Command.Name Equals custom_del_street
Then Step Entity.addres1_line1 Clear

Example: Copy the record (Opportunity)

We create a custom command custom_copy. When clicked, new instance of the record is created and data are copied.

On Execute: Copy the record rule example

Execute commands from different rules

Since release 16.1, it is possible to execute form commands also from different rules, not only On Execute. This feature can be very useful as it makes it possible to execute command logic as a reaction to field change or button click. It is even possible to hide commands from the hamburger menu by disabling On Can Execute, preventing users from executing commands explicitly and only executing them from rules.

On Execute: Execute commands from different rules: Update Address command executed from rules example

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