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Rules and examples

Warning Work in progress! We are in the process of updating the information on this page. Subject to change.

The On Create rules are executed before a questionnaire or report instance is created. Rules are no-code business logic, which are managed using the rules editor.

On Create rules are available for the following components:


On Create rules in questionnaires can be used to define additional variables which can be used in the reuse fetch. This can ensure that inspectors can select from a relevant list of answered questionnaires.

Note Requires version 3 (or later) of rules and version 15.0 (or later) of the mobile app.
Rule execution
  • When a questionnaire instance is about to be created. This happens even before the On Load event.

Report Designer

Report Designer also supports rules that can add some business logic to your reports. In the case of the Report Designer, whenever a new report is created, or a new instance of a repeating block is created, an On Create event is triggered.

Note For reports, the steps don't allow you to control the user interface (enable or disable a field, show or hide something, etc.); you can only assign values to variables or perform arithmetic operations.

To define the steps, proceed as follows:

  1. Select either the report body or a repeater.
  2. Click Edit Sources to display a list of variables defined for that component.
  3. Select any variable and click On Create to display the rules editor.
  4. Use the usual Rules editor syntax to define one or more steps that should be performed.
  5. Remember to save all changes.
Rule execution
  • When a new report is created.
  • When an instance of a repeating block is created.


Report Designer examples include several ideas on how the On Create rule can be used in reports.

Schedule Board

You can configure business logic in the toolbar. Schedule Board supports two types of rules, On Create is one of them. The On Create rule triggers when a new activity (task) entity is created based on the source entity.

Rule execution
  • When the source entity item is dragged from the list of source entities onto the timetable.