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Power Solutions

Resco Power Solutions is a robust toolkit tailored for the Microsoft Power Platform, aimed at boosting the speed and efficiency of application development. It includes innovative modules such as Forms+, Steps+, and Docs+, which collectively facilitate the creation of customized, scalable applications with minimal coding required. This toolkit is especially designed to make the development process smoother and more accessible.

Available solutions

Power Solutions offers multiple ready-to-be-deployed templates:

Resco Forms+
A managed solution for showcasing Resco's digital forms (inspections, questionnaires) on the Power Platform.
Product webpage: https://www.resco.net/power-solutions/forms/
Delve deeper: Inspections on Power Platform
Resco Steps+
A model-driven app showcasing Resco's workforce knowledge management software on the Power Platform
Product webpage: https://www.resco.net/power-solutions/steps/
Delve deeper: Guides on Power Platform
Resco Docs+
A managed solution for showcasing Resco reports and document generation on the Power Platform
Product webpage: https://www.resco.net/power-solutions/docs/
Delve deeper: Resco Reports connector

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