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Inspectors can use smartwatches paired to their phone to fill in the questionnaires. This function requires:

  • devices support Wear OS by Google
  • Apple Watch

Wear OS / Google

Preparing your mobile device

  • Install Wear OS on your device.
  • Enable Bluetooth and pair the device with your smartwatch.
  • Install or update to the latest version of Resco Mobile CRM (at least 12.2).

Preparing your smartwatch

  • Start the Play Store.
  • Tap Apps on your phone, then tap MobileCRM.
  • Wait until the app extension for smartwatches installs on your watch.

Smartwatch in action

  • Launch Resco Mobile CRM on your phone and start a questionnaire.
  • Launch MobileCRM on your watch.
  • Complete the questionnaire on your watch.
  • Required questions are marked by a red exclamation point.
  • To return to a previous question, swipe from right to left.
  • At the completion, in case of an error, your watch warns you and asks you to check your phone.

See inspection in action. YouTube

Supported question types

The following question types are supported on your smartwatch: Text, Option set, Single choice, Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Date and time, Whole and Decimal Numbers.

If there is an unsupported question type, you are redirected to your phone at the end.

Voice input

If you have voice control configured on your device, you can use it to fill in the questionnaire.

  • When a microphone icon shows up, voice dictation is active.
  • You can disable voice input by tapping the speaker icon in the top left corner.
  • Multiple Choice question is currently not supported for voice dictation; select the answer manually on your watch.

Apple Watch

We bring Resco Inspections to Apple Watch. TBD!

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