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Resco Mobile CRM application allows you to access your CRM data on the go. Connect directly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CX, and Salesforce offline/online, or use it to access other CRM and ERP systems.

This app boosts the productivity of sales representatives, field service technicians, field agents, managers – all who need mobility while working. Resco Mobile CRM works in online and offline mode, which means you will be able to view/create/delete/modify data whenever you need to, even without an internet connection. Fully integrated with your phone or tablet, it offers perks like photo & signature capturing, phone call tracking, route planning, and barcode scanning.


  • Fully offline and online capable
  • Work with your data in Salesforce offline & Oracle offline (Salesforce / Oracle Siebel all offline capable)
  • Interactive maps that display accounts, contacts, activities and other types of records
  • Multimedia support (pictures, documents, iFrames, and signatures)
  • Calendar for scheduling appointments and creating tasks
  • Adjustable filters and sorting
  • Route planner
  • Option to run reports
  • Multi-language options
  • Photo capturing
  • Phone call and email tracking
  • Barcode and QR code scanner
  • SharePoint and Dropbox support
  • MS Exchange and Gmail integration
  • Encrypted database
  • Fully customizable via Resco's configurator
  • NFC login
  • Favorites
  • Houston remote assistance - video calls with augmented-reality support

Already 65,000+ users utilize the professional version of this solution, ranging from small to midsize companies to large international enterprise corporations with thousands of mobile users. Join them, and see how easy it is to find information about your clients, create orders, track phone calls, and more.

With Resco Mobile CRM, log into your MS Dynamics CRM server (On-Premise or Online), Oracle CX, or Salesforce. You can also use Resco CRM server that acts as a standalone CRM solution or as middleware between your backend and the mobile client.

Note Without the access to your CRM organization, you will be only able to work with the demo database.


Resco Mobile CRM can be downloaded from app stores, namely Apple App Store, Google Play & Windows Store. Simply search for Resco Mobile CRM or use one of these direct links:

Additionally, we offer Resco Mobile CRM as a web application that can run in a web browser (limitations apply).

App permissions

Resco Mobile CRM requires a set of permissions to use various features on your phone for its function. See App permissions for more details.

First use

When you first launch the app, after a short tour, you have to connect to a CRM:

Connect with an existing CRM account

  • Internal user - Use this if you are an employee to connect to your company's system.
  • External user - Use this if you are a customer, partner, or other affiliate contact to connect to a company's system.

Both types of users connect to the same backend system, but each can access a different subset of data. For example, customers could use the app to set up their profile, see product information, and create orders, while employees could see lists of all customers with their orders and process them.

See Connecting to CRM for more information.

Create a new CRM organization

  • Sign up - Use this if you don't have a backend system and you want to create a free CRM organization.
  • Skip and use demo data - If you don't want to connect to any backend system and you just want to see how the application looks like, you can use demo data.


When you first successfully connect to a CRM, the app will synchronize with the server. Depending on the amount of data and the speed of your internet connection, this can take a few seconds or a couple minutes.

Subsequent synchronizations usually take much less time; only the changes are updated.

To synchronize manually, tap the Synchronize button: Synchronize.png.

Your app administrator can modify the entities that are available within the app, or filter the records to make the synchronization go faster.

If you are interested in technical aspects of synchronization, read more here.

One important thing to note: keep the app active while synchronizing! Do not start or switch to a different app during the process, and do not minimize the app (for Windows 10 version). The operating system may shut down the app silently.

Online/Offline mode

The app can run in online or in offline mode:

  • Online.png Online mode – you always access real-time data from your backend server. Any change you make (create a new account, edit an order, delete a contact, etc.) is instantly reflected on your backend server. An active internet connection is necessary.
  • Offline.png Offline mode – the application stores a copy of the server data in a local database of your device. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still access your data. The changes that you make (create a new account, edit an order, delete a contact, etc.) are reflected on your backend server after you synchronize the app.
Note The app does not switch between modes automatically, only users can change it. In online mode, if your device loses internet connection suddenly while editing a record, changes cannot be saved until the connection is restored. If you expect to work in places where the network connection to the backend server can be lost, we recommend using the offline mode primarily. You can use automatic background synchronization to save your data regularly to the server. Unlike online mode, synchronization can easily recover from a connection loss, and users can work without interruptions.

Watch a short video on how to switch between the online and offline mode.


Dashboards gather up all insightful information in one single place. You can customize it by adding your own records and views.

Pick from leads, opportunities, events, tasks and many others. You can switch the view of each record group (leads, opportunities, etc.). Records such as, leads and opportunities can be displayed as a list or a chart.

By clicking on a chart, you can pick the chart type of your choice. Choose whether you’d like your data to be displayed in a form of a pie, column, bar, funnel, or a donut chart.

Learn what dashboards can do by watching this short video.

Map and route planner

An interactive map shows your accounts, contacts, and leads, or any custom entity/object that includes the longitude and latitude variables.

You can zoom in/out and select any record by tapping on it. When you select a record, you can view and edit the details about it. You can even let the map navigate you to your customer and plan your daily route using the Navigate Navigate.png button.

The map works with the GPS coordinates, that is with latitude and longitude fields instead of the address information. You can either manually fill in longitude and latitude fields on the server, or you could use the Update GPS button to assign your current GPS position to a record when the mobile device is at the desired (target) location. Set this up in the Address Tab of the chosen record by tapping the More button (upper right corner). Administrators can use the Geocoding functionality of Woodford to convert addresses into GPS coordinates in bulk.

Note You must have the fields that contain words latitude and longitude in their names enabled for an entity. They should be a real number type of fields.

Watch this video to get more details on filtering and searching within the map.

Filtering and searching within the map

Map can be filtered to view:

  • All (Accounts + Contacts + Leads) – accounts are red, contacts are green, leads are yellow
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads

Dynamic map search allows you to see partial results while typing the name of the record you are searching for. Records that do not match the searched string will become semi-transparent. If a record you are looking for doesn't directly start with the searched word, but only contains it, use a percentage sign (%) in the beginning (the same way as you would use the asterisk sign (*) in the Dynamics CRM interface).

Watch this video to get more details on filtering and searching within the map.

Map vs satellite view

You can switch between map and satellite view.

Current location

When you open map from your Home screen, it shows your current location. You can also use the arrow button in the top right corner of the map to return to your current location.

Planning your route

See how to plan your route in the mobile app.

Calls and emails

You can make a phone call or send an email message directly from the app.

Go into a record and tap on the phone icon next to the phone number or the envelope button next to the email address.

On iOS devices, you can also swipe your finger from left to right to display buttons for making a call or writing an email.


Add an activity, for example an appointment, email, phone calls, service activity, or task. You can write in and edit details about each (e.g. location and time), convert them to opportunities or cases, or just mark them as complete.


The calendar offers different views (Day / Week / Month or Agenda) of your appointments and activities.

Create a new one by tapping and holding your finger on the screen or reschedule it by sliding it into a different section.

Master the calendar by watching this video.

Attach notes, photos, signatures, and documents

Tap the "+" button to create a note. You can also add an attachment to it. This could be a picture, a video, a signature or any type of document (pdf file, word document, html files, etc.).

Work with documents in Resco Mobile CRM Blog

Accounts, contacts, and leads

For accounts, contacts, and leads you can:

  • Add new records
  • Edit and delete records
  • Switch to a map view to display their places
  • Browse associated fields sorted in tabs (info, map, contacts, quotes, orders, invoices, activities, and notes)
  • (leads only) Qualify leads or disqualify them as lost, cannot contact, no longer interested, or canceled

We explain the switchable views here.

Opportunities, quotes, orders, and invoices

Manage all your deals in different stages – opportunities, quotes, orders, and invoices:

  • Convert opportunities to won or closed
  • Control the quote from a draft through active to closed or won
  • Get products from an opportunity to a quote draft, order, or invoice
  • Set the right status for your orders and invoices (complete, partial or cancelled)


Carry the overview of all products with you. Browse through the product name, ID, type, standard & list price and quantity on hand. You can also scan product barcodes to add the products you were looking for into an order. Simply click on the barcode symbol in the top right corner.

Barcode scanner in lookup.png


You can access your cases, add activities, notes to each, or change the status of active ones to:

  • Problem solved
  • Cancel case

Searching and filtering

You can search for records within the application by using the search bar at the top of each view. If a record doesn’t directly start with the letters you type, but only contains them, use a percentage sign (%) in the beginning. You are able to easily filter records to see only the selected ones. Filter records such activities or calendar according to the type, view, due date, and more.

You can use the Advanced Find option in the views to create your own private views.


In the Setup section, you can modify the functions and the items displayed in the application.

For instance you can change the language of the app, set the maximum size of attachments (in bytes) or the maximum number of synchronized records.

You can connect your mobile organization to third-party solutions via setup - including Exchange, Google, SharePoint, and DropBox.


If you ever encounter a technical problem with the app, you can use the Send Log option found in the About section. This sends an email to our support team, so they can analyze the issue and return back to you. You can also check which app version you are currently using.

If you don't see this option in the Home screen, you can also access About from the Setup; tap the (i) icon.

Mobile audit

Track who is performing what operations, when, and where. Utilize the data to find out where internal processes of an organization do not work as desired. Analyze how much time users spend at customer sites and let the app collect data automatically, based on the administrator's configuration. Contact us to get more details on how to run mobile audit from your phone or tablet.

Device security

The Resco Mobile App offers mobile application and mobile device management tools to secure your data natively integrated within the solution. The data stored locally on the device (for offline functionality and faster performance of the app) is always securely encrypted by default. Learn more about how device security works in detail here.

See also: What to do if your application is locked?