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Resco licensing service

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Security Guide

The Resco Mobile CRM client access license is validated online by the Resco licensing service (https://iservices.resco.net). When the main licensing server is unavailable, a backup server is used automatically (https://iservices.rescocrm.com).

Licenses are controlled during synchronization. For this purpose, the mobile application sends organization-specific information, such as server organization ID and user unique ID, to Resco licensing service. This information is also stored in the encrypted local database just like all the other data.

A typical request looks like this:

    <DeviceInfo>iPad 2 Wi-Fi only (iPad2,1) iPhone OS 6.0</DeviceInfo>

Manage licenses

Select Mobile Users from the Administration menu of Woodford to manage users and licenses.

Offline licenses

For deployment scenarios where the Resco licensing service is not reachable from client devices, an offline license can be stored in the CRM organization. Still the OrganizationId, OrganizationUrl, and UserId must be supplied for an offline license to be issued.