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Branding and customization

The default colors in the Resco Mobile CRM app can be modified by tweaking the theme. This allows you to apply your corporate colors to the app.

Edit an app project and select Theme from the Project menu of Woodford to alter the theme.

View styles set for specific field(s) on a view have higher priority and override the theme color settings. To learn more about view styles, see View styles. You can also check Row scripts.

Changing the theme

Setup is WYSIWYG. You can click on any sections on the preview to change its color. The changes are displayed immediately in the preview. You can also switch between phone view and tablet view.

Theme editor.png

The Colors List pane on the right displays a list of unique color styles used in the app. You can click each item to select a replacement color.

Hint Colors set for ListForeground and ListSelForeground for Views and TabForeground and TabSelForeground for tab are also used for icons, that were colorized, when importing via Images section.

Click Custom Home to switch to an alternative design of the Home screen.

Click Icon Pack and select one of the predefined icon packs. Icons are not replaced in the preview.

  • Default
  • Modern2018
  • Scandinavian

Click Load Preset to revert all changes and return to any of the pre-configured themes:

  • Default (blue)
  • Modern (different blue)
  • Scandinavian (teal)

You can export the current theme setup and download it using the Export button (for example, to use it in another project). Click Import to upload a theme file and apply it.