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Business logic


Calculated fields are entity fields that derive their value from other fields.


Calculated fields are an example of server-side business logic: the calculation is performed automatically on the server. In Resco mobile apps, calculated fields are read-only. As a result, in offline mode, the calculated field might become out-of-date. When you sync your app, the calculated value from the server is downloaded to the app.

In general, we recommend against replicating the server-side logic in the app. After all, the offline database is never 100% up-to-date with server changes; calculations that involve additional records may not be reliable. In some scenarios, users of the mobile apps might be confused seeing that their calculated field isn't changing. For Mobile sales, Resco mobile apps contain hardcoded logic that handles the issue. In other scenarios, one of the possible solutions is to create a shared variable calculated using the same formula as the calculated field and place it on the form instead of the calculated field.


On Resco Cloud, the minimum release supporting calculated fields is 16.1.

Similar features are available on other backends (formulas on Salesforce, calculated columns in Dataverse). These fields can be enabled in Woodford and displayed in Resco mobile apps.

Supported field types

The following field types can be calculated on Resco Cloud:

  • Two options
  • Date and time
  • Decimal number
  • Floating point number
  • Whole number
  • Currency
  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text

Creating calculated fields

On Resco Cloud, calculated fields are managed using the Admin Console.

  1. Select Data > Entities from the menu.
  2. Click the entity for that you want to create a calculated field.
  3. Click New and select one of the supported field types, such as Whole Number.
  4. Enter new field details. As Source type, select "Calculated".
  5. Click Edit and enter a formula that defines how the field is calculated.
  6. Save all changes.

It is not possible to change the Source type of an existing field. You cannot change a simple field into calculated or vice versa.

Defining the formula

The formula of calculated fields is defined using an interface similar to the rules editor. Use a combination of conditions and steps to determine the result.

Calculated field formula

Calculated fields in the app

To see the results in the mobile app:

  1. Edit your app project in Woodford.
  2. Enable the new calculated field(s).
  3. Add the new field(s) to a form.
  4. Save all changes and publish the app project.
  5. Sync the mobile app and check the form.

Calculated field result in the app

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