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Integration with third-party systems

Resco CRM Connector (web APIs):

Resco Cloud can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or an external SMS gateway to send short messages.


Before you can use AWS, you have to set it up:

  1. Log in to Resco Cloud and start the Admin Console.
  2. Select Settings > Organization from the menu and click Configure Organization SMS Integration.
  3. As Outgoing SMS Mode, select "AWS".
  4. Enter the details of your AWS, such as region, sender, access key, and security key.
  5. Save all changes.
  6. Optionally, click Send Test SMS to verify that your connection is set up correctly.

Once AWS is configured, the server can send out SMS.

  • You can use the function SendSms in server processes.
  • You can use SMS authentication when logging in to Resco Cloud. See Authentication for more information.

Server process on Resco Cloud that sends SMS via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

External SMS gateway

If you want to use a different SMS provider than AWS, that gateway has to support web requests.

Sending messages

Resco Cloud has server-side support for invoking basic web requests as a reaction to specific entity/field changes. It can be used for activating external services for sending text messages. It is possible to implement this by using the API of an external SMS gateway and then calling Server.InvokeWebRequest on Resco Cloud. This can be configured as a process in the Admin Console.

Using Server.InvokeWebRequest to send SMS via external gateway

Receiving messages

Resco Cloud does not directly support receiving SMS. An SMS gateway receives the message, and it has to tell Resco Cloud what to do. If you want to receive an SMS to trigger some action on Resco Cloud (for example, create a record), you can explore the following approaches:

  • Use Resco Cloud's REST API function "Execute Workflow"
  • Use Power Automate connectors

The important part is that the SMS gateway has to support one of these integrations.

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