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Resco Mobile App Development Toolkit is a no-code toolkit for building responsive and resilient mobile business applications for Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Dataverse, and Salesforce.

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The toolkit provides a robust suite of tools that enables its users to rapidly build “data-model-driven” enterprise mobile applications. Mobile apps are configured with a tool called Woodford and displayed in the client applications Resco Mobile CRM, available for Android, iOS, Windows, and web browsers.

The toolkit consists of three parts:

  • Resco Mobile CRM, a highly customizable mobile app with powerful built-in features.
  • Admin tools for building the application, managing users, and handling synchronization.
  • Manager modules that enhance the functionality of the mobile application.


Getting started

For information about Salesforce, see Salesforce.

To get started with developing a mobile experience on Power Platform:

  1. Install Resco Suite on your Power Platform.
  2. Start the Resco Suite app.
  3. In the Resco Suite app, start Woodford.
  4. Continue on your mobile device.
    • Install Resco Mobile CRM on your mobile device.
    • Start Resco Mobile CRM and sync with the organization using your Power Platform credentials.

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